Chrostiki SA is the official representative and distributor for Greece and Cyprus of the Italian compounder Poliblend SpA and its sister company Celloplast GD

Poliblend SpA is a leader in the field of engineering plastics and sells globally PA, PBT and POM, modified with elastomers, lubricants, flame-retardants and reinforced with glass fibers or other minerals.

Poliblend SpA offers a wide range of

  • Polyamides PA6, PA66, Copolymers, under the trade names of Polimid and Secomid (second choice materials)
  • POM under the trade name Polipom
  • PBT under the trade name Politer

For further information, please visit the site www.poliblend.it

Celloplast GD is currently one of the major Italian manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomers and compounds, with a production capacity of more than 8,000 tons a year. The company operates in all sectors (automotive, construction, home appliances, etc.), and throughout Europe. Celloplast GD has 5 production lines, many specialized technicians and an in-house research and development department. 

Celloplast GD produces a wide range of thermoplastic elastomers such as SBS, TPV, SEBS and TPO.
For more information, please visit the site www.celloplastgd.it

Chrostiki SA trades in various K values of PVC.