Colorants in Powder & Microbeads

Χρώματα σε Σκόνη & Μικρόκοκκους

Dryplast® Powder Colorants

General Information

Blends of color pigments  and / or soluble dyes for extrusion and injection molding.
Standard range.
Matchings to RAL , IEC, PANTONE and other international color systems.
Tailor made products on request.

Dryplast® powder colorants are color pigment preparations in powder form. More particularly, they are blends of pigments and additives specially designed for the mass pigmentation of rigid and plasticised PVC extruded or injection molded articles, such as:

  • Above ground electrical conduit
  • Underground electrical conduit
  • Sewage pipes, highway drains
  • Water and irrigation pipes
  • Profiles
  • Corrugated electrical tubing and fittings

Dryplast® powder colorants are added during the production of the PVC compound.
High-speed (Henschel type or turbo) mixers give excellent dispersion quality.  Slow horizontal mixers may also give adequate dispersion. Addition of Dryplast colours to a ready PVC compound in powder or pellet form is also possible. Mixing can be carried out on a rotating drum or other low shear device but the customer must test the dispersion quality obtained by such methods.

Dryplast® powder colorants can be produced in any color according to the specific request of each customer.

Powder Color Blends 

 Dryplast® colorants are pigment and/or dye blends in powder form, with small amounts of process additives. 

Dryplast® colorants have to be premixed with the polymer/ PVC compound in a mixer, either high-speed (e.g. Henschel type) or low speed (e.g. ribbon blender, rotating drum etc.). If the polymer to be colored is in pellets a small quantity of neutral oil, (e.g. paraffin oil) should be mixed first with the pellets to assist the powder to stick on their surface.

Dryflow® Free Flow Color Blends

Dryflow® colorants are free flow color pigment concentrates in microgranules, dispersed in waxes and polymers compatible with the polymer to be colored.

Dryflow® colorants:

  • Are dust free and easy to handle, contributing to a clean working environment
  • Can be fed directly in the extruder/molding machine by the use of feeders 
  • Offer excellent dispersion quality and uniform coloration of the final article

Dryplast® and Dryflow® colorants have the following applications:

  • Rigid and plasticised PVC and rubber extruded or molded articles, such as pipes and fitting, profiles, cable shielding and insulation
  • Injection and blow molded articles 
  • Rotational molded articles

Dryplast® colorants are also suitable for the coloration of various types of coatings.

Our color lab can match any RAL, Pantone or other color according to customer’s technical requirements.

Pigments & Dyes
We distribute in the Greek plastics and coatings markets:

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Carbon black
  • Iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments 
  • Ultramarine pigments
  • Organic pigments 
  • Soluble dyes