Engineering Polymers & Elastomers

Chrostiki SA is the official representative and distributor for Greece and Cyprus of the Italian compounder Poliblend SpA and its sister company Celloplast GD.

Poliblend SpA is a leader in the field of engineering plastics and sells globally PA, PBT and POM, modified with elastomers, lubricants, flame-retardants and reinforced with glass fibers or other minerals.
Poliblend SpA offers a wide range of
• Polyamides PA6, PA66, Copolymers, under the trade names of Polimid and Secomid (second choice materials)
• POM under the trade name Polipom
• PBT under the trade name Politer
• For further information, please visit the site www.poliblend.it

Celloplast GD is currently one of the major Italian manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomers and compounds, with a production capacity of more than 7,000 tons a year. The company operates in all sectors (automotive, construction, home appliances, etc.), and throughout Europe. Celloplast GD has 4 production lines, many specialized technicians and an in-house research and development department.

Celloplast GD produces a wide range of thermoplastic elastomers such as SBS, TPV, SEBS and TPO.
For more information, please visit the site www.celloplastgd.it

Chrostiki SA is the official representative and distributor for Greece and Cyprus of the French compounder GMP France www.gmp-france.com

GMP has 25 years of experience in compounding PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/ASA, PMMA and ABS. Recently, GMP started supplying Polycarbonate with UL Yellow Card. (A Yellow Card is issued when polymeric materials have successfully undergone the testing procedures of Underwriters Laboratories, USA and received a UL Recognized Component Mark. Tests include ignition and burning characteristics from thermal and electrical sources, electrical, physical and mechanical characteristics and the effect of exposure to elevated temperatures, cold, water, ultraviolet rays, chemical fluids, etc.).

Customers of GMP include ABB, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Eaton, Faurecia, Zemper France, Valeo, Automotive Lighting, Pilot and Langmatz.

Chrostiki SA trades in various K values of PVC.