Filolen Natural Mineral

Filolen Natural Mineral

Filolen® are masterbatches that contain mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc and barium sulphate and are used to modify the mechanical properties of polymers and to improve the processing in various plastics applications.

Quality Assurance
All Filolen®GCC masterbatches are strictly controlled for filler content, dispersion quality by filter pressure rise test and blown film production, volatile content and pellet quality, in order to ensure trouble-free processing and top performance.

General Usage Recommendations
Dosing blends of Filolen® and polymers by pneumatic conveying equipment is not recommended due to the big difference in density.
A higher colorant addition may be required to obtain bright colours at high Filolen addition levels.

Filolen® GCC
Filolen GCC masterbatches contain micronized coated calcium carbonate finely dispersed in various polymers. Some products also contain rutile titanium dioxide.

What makes Filolen® GCC special:

  • Exceptional low abrasivity for longer life of screws, barrels, cutting equipment.
  • Excellent whiteness and high purity due to the extremely low Fe2O3 content, 0.01% max, in the calcium carbonate used.
  • Superb dispersion quality for trouble free processing and best mechanical properties in thin film and tape applications. Dispersion quality is controlled by filter pressure rise test or blown film production.

The available range of Filolen® GCC masterbatches is presented in our Technical Information Notes covering different processes where end product, processing and environmental benefits are explained in detail.

Filolen® Talc
Filolen® Talc masterbatches contain mineral talc finely dispersed in various polymers.

Filolen® Talc are used mainly to improve the mechanical properties of PP in injection molded articles, to improve the cell formation in applications of expandable polystyrene (XPS) and expandable polyethylene (XPE) and as antiblock agent in film applications.

Filolen® Barium Sulphate
Filolen® Barium Sulphate masterbatches contain micronized mineral or synthetic barium sulphate of high purity, finely dispersed in various polymers.

Filolen® Barium Sulphate are used mainly for the nucleation of semi crystalline polymers, for the improvement of light reflectance, as a sound absorbing material in pipes and fittings and to increase the weight of plastic articles.


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