Printing Inks

Solvent Based Flexo and Gravure

NC based liquid pigment concentrates. Designed for ink in plant production in combination with additives and varnishes.

NC based flexo and gravure inks recommended for reverse printing and lamination of OPP/OPP, OPP/PE and primed aluminium foil. 
FD and FE series offer maximum pigmentation and slow evaporation for high definition flexo printing.

NC based flexo inks designed for surface printing on pretreated flexible PE and PP substrates providing excellent gloss. Very good heat seal, grease, chemical, scratch, deep freeze, dry and wet rub resistance.
CST series offers good adhesion and printability on Cast PP.

Universal NC/PU flexo and gravure inks for surface and reverse printing on a wide variety of substrates including corona and chemically treated PET, pretreated polyolefins, Cast PP, primed aluminium foil, polyamide and paper. 
Unicel inks are especially recommended for lamination (OPP/PE, OPP/OPP, Alu/OPP, Alu/PE, Alu/PET, and PET/PE) and retorting, sterilization and pasteurization applications as they offer superior adhesion, flexibility and bond strength. 

Alcohol soluble polyamide flexo inks. Neospeed inks have excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates (such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester) and excellent solvent release, good water and deep freeze resistance, and low print odour. Due to their high flexibility and fast drying Neospeed are recommended for high speed printing on shrink film.

Co solvent polyamide flexo and gravure inks for surface printing. Excellent flexibility and adhesion on pretreated polyolefins, polyester, polyamide, alu foil and paper. Superior transfer properties, good blocking, and high gloss. Excellent water and deep freeze resistance. Low print odour. Outdoor durability.

Vinyl based inks designed for gravure printing on PVC substrates such as adhesive tapes and wall papers. Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. Prints retain residual odour.

Nitracryl F flexo and Nitracryl G gravure inks based on nitrocellulose modified with an acrylic resin, for printing on aluminium foil, metallized films, PVdC, PVC, Acrylic lacquered films, OPP, CPP, paper and carton.