Additives & Auxiliaries

Lubricants and PVC Stabilizers

Lubricants and PVC Stabilizers
Chrostiki SA offers a wide range of internal and external lubricants for various applications.

Calcium Stearate

Calcium stearate is a very effective processing aid and release agent for plastics and rubber.

GMS Glycerol Monostearate >90%

In PVC, it increases the surface area of the granules improving plasticizer absorption and it is an effective internal lubricant offering synergistic co stabilizing properties.
It acts as internal mold release for PET, TPU and SAN and as a good slip agent in ABS.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil (HCO)
Slip additive in plastics and excellent internal lubricant for PVC.
Slip additive in paints and inks.
Flow control and dispersing additive in powder coatings, hot-melt adhesives and sealants.

PE Wax
Excellent external lubricant for plasticized and rigid PVC. It prevents the PVC melt from sticking and burning on the hot metal surfaces of the machine and improves the surface properties of the PVC products, such as gloss, smoothness and water repellency.
In impact-modified polystyrene, PE wax improves scratch resistance without impairing the mechanical and thermal properties.

Calcium-Zinc (Ca/Zn) PVC Stabilizers

Chrostiki offers Ca/Zn stabilizers for the extrusion of PVC articles, like cables, pipes, compounds etc.