Additives & Auxiliaries

Maintenance Auxiliaries

Chrostiki offers Ambersil® products of CRC Industries UK Ltd that is part of the global CRC Industries group. CRC Industries is the market leading formulator of maintenance chemicals developed for industrial applications.
CRC Industries UK are specialists in aerosol technology with a purpose built blending and production facility.


Formula 6 Silicone Release Agent

A general-purpose, silicone release agent in 400ml spray, for all thermoplastics and many types of rubber. It is highly versatile as a release agent ensuring accurate mould detail.
It improves surface finish, minimizes imperfections, and enhances even well polished mould release properties.
Operational to +200°C.
It can also be used as anti-stick agent in the textile, foam converting, printing and shoe industries.


TDS Ambersil Formula 6

SDS Formula 6


Formula 14 Non Silicone Release Agent

A non-silicone release agent in 400ml spray, specifically developed for the release of thermoplastics: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS, POM, and PA
Based on an edible food oil it may be used for the mould release of toys and plastics for food contact applications Excellent release properties
Operational to +200°C
Multiple releases per application can be achieved giving improved economy in use.


TDS Ambersil Formula 14

SDS Formula 14


ROM 300 Water Based Semi Permanent Rotational Release Agent

Specially formulated water based release agent for use in rotational moulding operations. In 5l jerry cans
Fast curing with a lower mould residue build-up
Reduced environmental impact, safer in use





Mould Protective Corrosion Inhibitor for Moulds

Non-silicone corrosion inhibitor for injection moulding tools and dies, in 400ml spray
Repels and displaces moisture leaving a durable, non-greasy protective film
Applied film will not harden or crack
Allows handling and resists acid finger marks
Light colored film ensures total coverage can be seen
Cured film will not stain moulds


TDS Ambersil Mould Protective

SDS Mould Protective


Polymer Remover Heavy Duty Mould Cleaner

Highly effective and powerful solvent blend developed for use on polymer residues and soiled tooling/equipment. In 400ml spray
Controlled rate of evaporation for maximum efficiency
Removes plastics, rubbers and resin deposits including: ABS, Acetyls, Acrylates, PVC, Epoxy Resins (uncured), Polyamides, Polystyrenes, Silicone Resins, and Rubbers
It will also remove other materials such as cellulose resins and alkyd resins


TDS Polymer Remover

SDS Polymer Remover


40+ The Complete Maintenance Treatment

A true multi-purpose ‘cure all’ for engineers: use as a dewatering fluid, a penetrant on seized fasteners, a general lubricant and as a corrosion inhibitor. In 400ml spray
Excellent water displacement performance
High di-electric strength, non-conductive film
Safe on most paints, plastics, rubbers, and all metals
Operational temperature range: - 20°C to 115°C


TDS 40 plus

SDS 40 plus